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Top 5 Mouthwashes That Will Give You A Brighter And Whiter Smile

October 16th, 2020|BEAUTY|

Looking for the best mouthwash? In this article we’ll break down the top mouthwash options that are most likely to take care of bad breath and help your overall oral health.

Cool Splash Mint Mouthwash

Starting off at number 1 we have the ACT Cool Splash Mint Mouthwash. This minty mouthwash does a lot more than simply fight bad breath. It actively works to restore minerals to soft spots. Plus, the added strength prevents tooth decay. This is clearly the best mouthwash to have when you’re serious about dental care – even if it doesn’t carry a little sticker with ADA endorsement. The formula is meant to strengthen tooth enamel, and it does that well, by most accounts. If you’re expecting miracles from this Sodium Fluoride formula, you should probably consider adjusting your expectations. But, if you expect positive results after continued usage, you’ve come to the right place. And, although the big push isn’t on breath, you should expect minty freshness. This mouthwash claims to strengthen tooth enamel. It also says it can reduce cavities up to70 percent more than simply brushing with a fluoride toothpaste. Most users report a reduction in noticeable soft spots. That’s a good thing. But, let’s be real it’s not going to ever deposit enough minerals to fill real holes. If you have those, you will need to get to the dentist. It doesn’t do a bad job of fighting bad breath. That’s a bonus most people seriously appreciate. Adults looking to fight cavities will enjoy having this in their bathroom. It’s far too strong for kids, though. Fluoride is the work horse in this bottle. There is some variation between bottle sizes, so you’ll want to make sure you know what you’re getting. The smaller bottle is the one with the greater fluoride composition. Use it once a day after brushing your teeth. Some dentists recommend using it just before bed for a little extra push. However, if you opt for the larger bottle, you can use it twice as the fluoride content is reduced. This is the sort of standard, minty flavor you’ve come to expect from a mouthwash.

TheraBreath Icy Mint Oral Rinse

At number 2 we have the TheraBreath Icy Mint Oral Rinse. This is far and away the best mouthwash forbad breath – well, for destroying it anyhow. It neutralizes the sulfur-producing bacteria that causes morning breath and nasty food smells. It works fast and is doctor recommended. You’ll battle to find something you don’t like about this mouthwash, especially if you struggle with bad breath. It’s an Amazon Best Seller for a reason. In case you’re wondering, this mouthwash is certified vegan and kosher, not to mention gluten-free. More importantly, it works brilliantly. Keep reading to find out exactly how it does just that. What does it claim to do? The label on this bottle says it destroys bad breath and food odors. It’s also said to alleviate symptoms of dry mouth. As far as the bad breath goes, you won’t want for anything – at least not as far as most users are concerned. You can expect anything with this much bad-breath-fighting strength to kill off other types of nasty bacteria that have nothing to do with bad breath. Most children don’t have bad breath, and you’ll have no reason to give this to them. The active ingredient in TheraBreath products is OXYD-8TM. That won’t make any sense to most users. All you need to know is that it prevents an aerobic bacteria from creating odorous sulfide in your mouth. You’ll find instructions on the packaging. It’s minty, and there are those that can’t stand the actual flavor. But, it’s not designed to be overpowering.

Biotène Dry Mouth Oral Rinse

At number 3 we have the Biotène Dry Mouth Oral Rinse. It’s also fantastic at fighting irritating mouth sores. Get a bottle of Biotène. You’ll be happy you did. This mouthwash really helps – so much so that it’s recommended for people undergoing chemotherapy. You can expect the formula to last for about four hours – and to offer a fresh breath at the same time. if you’re suffering from dry mouth you clearly have other things to worry about. If you need a mouthwash that helps you cope with dry mouth, this is the one you want. It provides immediate relief – as long as you have a bottle of it handy. More, it lasts up to four hours; that’s a big help on presentation day. Most people find this to be a very effective formula. It’s not so bad at relieving bad breath either. We like that. This isn’t exclusively for adults, though most children aren’t likely to need such a formula. If they do, we recommend consulting your dentist before use. What’s inside the bottle? There are four antibacterial enzymes at play here. Lysozyme, Lactoferrin, Glucose Oxidase, and Lactoperoxidase work to boost the natural defense system found in your saliva. That’s a long way of saying this is a fantastic formula. If you’re using this as a mouthwash, you should swirl a tablespoon around for 30 seconds just as you would with any antibacterial formula. But there’s something a little unusual at play here. You can also “slowly” sip this mouthwash for an extremely dry throat. You should, however, clear this with a medical professional first. It’s lightly minty – not overpowering.

Crest 3D White Luxe Arctic Fresh Multi-Care Mouthwash

And for our final pick at number 4 we have the Crest 3D White Luxe Arctic Fresh Multi-Care Mouthwash. Life takes its toll on every part of your body. And, if you’re the sort that enjoys coffee, red wine, or even the occasional cigarette, then you probably also feel the need for an extra hand when it comes to whitening your teeth. This is the best mouthwash to help you do just that. We’re not so impressed with the taste of this mouthwash. This awesome mouthwash does all of that remarkably well. Indeed, some people report almost instant results on the whitening front. It also does its job on the breath freshening front too. Well, you would have a difficult time finding another benefit to the advertised list here. And, we’re happy to forgive that. This is perhaps the best mouthwash on the market for smokers, not to mention red wine and coffee drinkers. Of course, anyone that desires whiter teeth should find a reason to work this into their dental care routine. This mouthwash doesn’t have the longest ingredient list, but the one that that you’re most concerned with is the hydrogen peroxide. It’s fantastic for whitening teeth and killing germs. It’s minty, just as you would expect.

9 Proven ways to loss Belly Fat

October 15th, 2020|FITNESS|

Hey there! I hear you’ve been working out a lot? What’s your goal? When working out, most people have at least one particular part of their body they are working to improve. What about the stomach? Let’s talk about it. Here 9 Ways You Can Get a Flat Stomach in Less Than a Month. Do we drink lots of water? How does improving my posture help anything? We’re talking all of that AND more !



Planking was a trend that went on in the early 2010’s. Planking is an exercise meant to work out your core muscles. From there, you are to hold this position for as long as you physically can. This means a lot of people aren’t making it over that 120 second mark. Did you know that the record for longest plank ever recorded was made by a Chinese man named Mao Weidong in 2016. The time he clocked in 8 hours and 1 minute. A former marine named George Hood is also featured on the list of longest planks. His time 5 hours and 15 minutes. George has probably got a much flatter stomach than you.

Reduce stress

Now hang on just a second. When I say relax, I don’t mean lay motion lesson the couch and waste the day away. Feeling stressed out open the flood gates to several health issues. For one, we tend to change our eating habits when we’re feeling tense. Did you know that college students are likely to develop eating disorders. A study conducted at the University of Michigan concluded that 40% of all students had changed their eating habits. This can mean anything from eating more to eating less. This may keep your body from producing more cortisol, a hormone known for increasing one’s appetite. I tried to make that rhyme. A little complicated I know.

Eating Habits
Drink Water

Drink water

Out of all the methods we’re reading in today’s article, this may be the most practical. Water is 100% calorie free! Drinking enough water can trick your body into believing it’s ingesting food. We sometimes eat when we don’t have to. Which in many cases, explains the excessive belly fat. If you’re still hungry after that time, this is the proper time to eat. A water diet can discipline your eating habits, and keep you from eating uncontrollably.

Do Pilates

You’ve heard of yoga. We’ve touched on planking. But if you haven’t been introduced to Pilates yet, you’ve got to give it a try. Pilates is an exercise meant to improve your level of flexibility, muscular strength and endurance. As your core goes to work, your traverses abdominis is targeted.

Pilates Methods
pears, nuts, potatoes and broccoli

Eat fiber

We’ve touched on water. We’ve touched on workouts. I think it’s time to discuss your diet fora moment. When fibre’s ingested, it decreases the number of calories your able to absorb. It does this by slowing down food passing through your digestive tract. It’s been said that for every 10 grams of fibre you consume, your stomach carries between 3.7 – 4% less fat. This includes foods like wholegrain cereal, pears, nuts, potatoes and broccoli. All of those “lovely” treats you passed on as a child. Oh and don’t forget Brussel Sprouts. Make your grandmother proud!

Cut the carbs!

Keeping with the theme of diet, one must watch their carbohydrate intake if they are properly going to shed fat from their bellies. While between 45 and 65% of our 2000 daily calories should come from carbs, it’s easy to overdo it. And we all wonder why our stomachs stay so pudgy. Are you aware that studies indicate that people with high intakes of whole grains are 17% less likely to have excess belly fat? This includes multigrain bread, brown rice, barley and quinoa. Another healthy assortment of foods off grandma’s menu.

Cut The Carbs
Morning Walk in Garden or Park

Go for morning walks

It may sound funny upon suggestion, but believe it or not, walking is actually great for shedding pounds off your belly. Did you know that walking between 30 – 40 minutes is an ideal daily task that can shed inches off your waist line. Not only is it another great way to reduce stress, a cool brisk walk can burn close to 600 calories an hour. Keep in mind that this outcome is only possible when your diet is clean and healthy. While walking, your rectus abdomen will become active. This is also known as your “six-pack” muscle. This helps to tighten your lower area. Keep in mind this can only be done properly when you are positioned upright and balanced. This is a perfect Segway into my next point.

Fix Your Posture!

The ponch sitting directly above your waist is sometimes the direct result of terrible posture. Think about it. If you’re constantly slouched over, your weak abdominals will eventually have your body looking pretty messy. Realistically, if you stand upright, your stomach is going to look tighter. If you stand while exercising, your muscles experience between 7-25% more activation then they do while you’re sitting. This allows you to burn more calories, and helping to stomach get that toned appearance you’ve been dying for.

Ponch Sitting Posture
Peanut Butter with Bread

Eat Peanut Butter

I guess in that case, you have to follow the other seven methods. Many of us love a good peanut-butter sandwich, but since you’re going to be cutting carbs, I guess that out of the question. On its own, peanut butter has 2 grams of fibre and around 8 grams of protein. 2 tablespoons of peanut butter holds an estimated 188 calories. This is a perfect meal to have if you are looking for that tighter stomach.

5 Health Benefits of Honey

October 14th, 2020|Health Benefits of Honey|


Luckily, nature provides a solution. Foods such as tea, berries, and honey are full of flavonoids, or plant chemicals that can help treat oxidative stress, which is caused by an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals. “Just relax, and don’t move.” “Okay. Ugh. This is the most stressed out I’ve ever been in my life.” Nothing runs in the human body without the heart, so it’s important to keep the blood-pumping muscle in tip-top shape. We know benefit your heart is, you guessed it, honey. In addition to helping to rid your body of toxins, the antioxidants and flavonoids in honey could be associated with reduced risk of heart disease. Not only do they widen the coronary blood vessels, but they also decrease the ability of the platelets in the blood to clot. Additionally, flavonoids prevent the oxidation of LDLs that could contribute to the hardening and narrowing of your arteries. Chock full of carbohydrates, honey is an important natural, nutritional, and energy-giving food source. That’s why athletes around the world turn to the substance to aid in athletic performance. When in training mode, many athletes reach for sports gels to help replenish glycogen and improve endurance, but it turns out honey is a natural alternative. Regarding a recent study of honey vs. sports gels, Richard Kreider, a principal investigator at the University of Memphis Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory.

In another rat-based study in 2017, researchers found that honey produced better results than a drug meant to control obesity. The study also noted that the two kinds of honey used were not created equal, as Gelam honey performed better than Acacia honey in the attempt to squelch weight gain. Hangovers are the worst. A fun night out can deplete us, de hydrate us, and keep us in bed for the whole day with the blanket over our heads. Fortunately, honey may help keep hangovers at bay. A 2009 study on fructose and alcohol metabolization found that, “[Honey] reduced the duration of alcohol in to xication by 30.7%, and accelerated the elimination of alcohol from bloodstream by 44.7%.” The sugars in the sweet snack deliver a speedy dose of glucose to the bloodstream, helping you to feel less irritable. If you’re struggling with sleep, eating honey is an ancient trick that can help you fall asleep and stay there. From Europeans drinking warm milk and honey, to folks in Mexico sipping warm chamomile tea with honey before bed, there are plenty of ways to harness the power of honey to get rest. For centuries, humans have been using honey to relieve stress and help soothe anxiety, mixing it into calming teas and adding it to warm milk as a pre-sleep aid. There are oodles of stress-relief beverages from all over the world that include honey. Some of the key ingredients in Moon Milk are ashwagandha, nutmeg, and, you guessed it, honey. There are several types of cholesterol found in the human body, but when we hear the initials LDL, we know we’re talking about the bad kind. High levels of LDL, or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol can lead to plaque build-up in the arteries of the heart, increasing our risk for heart attacks and strokes. There are many ways to prevent that dangerous build-up, including medicine, exercise, and making changes to diet. One such change you can make to help lower your levels of heart-hurting LDL is to eat more honey. In a 2009 study, it was found that participants who ate honey had lower body-mass indexes, which has been correlated with lower LDL numbers. While female participants who ingested a sugar solution were found to have increased LDL levels, the women who ate honey did not. An additional 2013 study showed that consuming natural honey can limit the rise in blood glucose in healthy young adults, while significantly decreasing their levels of total cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides What we eat affects how well many of our body’s systems function, and our brains are no exception. Dr. Francine Grodstein of Harvard Medical School told Harvard Health, “We know [LDL cholesterol is] bad for your heart. High LDL levels also contribute to an increased risk for strokes, which are caused by a disruption in blood flow to the brain, and can lead to significant brain damage. By keeping your LDL levels low through regular consumption of honey, you can help keep your brain healthy and functioning at its best. Acid reflux is not only an annoying condition to have to endure on a day-to-day basis, but it can also be incredibly painful. The symptoms of acid reflux can range from a burning sensation in the chest to a lump in the throat, chest pain, issues with swallowing, and regurgitation. A bad case of acid reflux can make it hard to get through your day, and can even disrupt your sleep. Known for both its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, honey can potentially quell the painful symptoms that arise when stomach acid begins to irritate the esophagus. According to the Indian Journal of Medical Research, honey’s high density, high viscosity, and low surface tension all work together to enable it to remain in the esophagus longer, coating the mucus membrane and providing lasting relief. With thousands of bacteria working deep in our bellies, if anything is out of whack, it can make us feel really crummy. Fortunately, the antibacterial properties of honey can help rid the digestive tract of unwanted visitors, and can even help protect the body against dangerous microorganisms like E. coli and salmonella. In addition, a 2006 study showed that by substituting the sugars in processed foods with honey, we can reduce the harmful effects of mycotoxinson our bodies while also improving our gut microflora. Honey has also been proven to fight off the pesky bacteria that can lead to dyspepsia and gastric ulcers in humans. This is because honey contains hydrogen peroxide, a component that is present due to a natural enzyme bees have in their stomachs called glucose oxidase. This natural remedy is so effective that it’s still pervasive today, and there’s real science behind why honey works to help calm a persistent cough. In one 2010 study, honey was found to be a more effective cough suppressant than the active ingredients in several common over-the-counter cough medicines, such as Benadryl and Robitussin. 

However, in a 2018 article in New York Magazine in which professional singers offered their best quick fixes for sore throats, many of the musicians listed honey as part of their solutions. Three-time Grammy Award winner Angelique Kidjogargles with warm water infused with fresh thyme, a tablespoon of butter, and a table spoon of honey whenever her throat begins to hurt. Meanwhile, singer-songwriter Aaron Livingston, who goes by the stage name Son Little, recommends a teaspoon of Manuka honey mixed with “as much chopped up garlic as [he] can handle,” as a surefire way to soothe a scratchy throat. It’s a well-known old wives’ tale that including local honey in your diet can help ward off the effects of allergies by gradually exposing allergy sufferers to local pollens, helping them build up an immunity. Unfortunately, according to The New York Times, there is no evidence to back up this claim. However, while local honey may not do much for your seasonal allergies, eating a spoonful of honey every day can aid in boosting your immune system. Your immune system is incredibly complex, and can be compromised by a variety of factors such as lack of sleep, improper diet, travel, stress, and poor gut health, many of which we already know can be improved through the regular ingestion of honey. And in addition to honey’s beneficial antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties, there’s plenty of evidence that eating honey every day also helps boost your immune system. So if you haven’t been feeling your best, try adding a spoonful of honey to your daily routine, and see how much better you feel.


5 Health Benefits Of Dates!

October 12th, 2020|Health Benefits Of Dates!|

Benefits of dates


If you want to know the medicinal uses and health benefits of dates fruit, please sit tight and read this info rich article in full. Virtually every part of the date fruit can and has been used for food or medicinal purposes. For instance, the seeds can be used to feed livestock while the oil is used in soap making. Dates were also used as foods in Asia and in ancient Egypt for making wine. What are dates? The date is the fruit of the date palm tree, which is called Phoenix dactylifera by botanists. The date fruit can be traced to the Middle-East, where it is believed to have been first cultivated. Dates are brown when ripe while the unripe ones are red or bright yellow in color. Nutritional facts about date fruit. The date fruit is a highly nutritious fruit that is packed with a lot of antioxidant and other beneficial chemical compounds. Dates are rich in tannins, which have anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. A 100gram serving of dates contains about 314 calories comprising carbohydrates, proteins, dietary fiber, vitamins A, C, K, B vitamins, sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, zinc, beta-carotene, magnesium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, lutein zeaxanthin, and beta xanthin. Dates have no cholesterol content. The numerous vitamins and minerals found in dates make them very beneficial to general health. Types of dates. Generally, there are three groups of dates: fresh, semi dry, and dried dates, but there are many types of date fruit available today. The varieties are classified based on their origins, their color, or size. Some of the common varieties are Iteema, Migraf, Hayani, Halawi, Dayri, and Medjool, which is the most common black date variety. Nonetheless, regardless of the date variety, you are assured of several health benefits as we’ll get to know. Fresh dates and dried dates. While fresh dates are those recently harvested, the dried dates were previously fresh dates which have been dried over a time frame. As a result, the dried dates have less moisture content than the fresh ones. Although there is not much of a difference between fresh dates and dried dates, the carbohydrate content of dried dates is more than that of the fresh ones. In addition, the dried dates are richer in dietary fiber and calcium than the fresh dates, which are higher in vitamin C. Health benefits of dates. The following are some of the many health benefits of eating dates. Good for the heart. Eating crushed overnight soaked dates in an empty stomach in the morning does wonders to the heart. For one, dates contain a significant amount of potassium which helps to lower blood pressure and in preventing the occurrence of heart-related diseases. Even more, the antioxidants in dates are beneficial in preventing atherosclerosis by reducing the cholesterol content in the arteries connecting the heart. Good for the skin. Ripened dates are rich in vitamin C, which is important for healthy skin. Vitamin C helps to prevent wrinkles. Flavonoids, which are antioxidants, are also beneficial to the skin as well as vitamin B5 for treatment of stretch marks. Apart from this, the effects of ageing on the skin can be reduced by eating antioxidants-rich foods and fruits like dates. These antioxidants work by countering the effects of free body radicals that lead to skin problems. Good for the brain. Research results have proven that dates have brain-enhancing properties such as improving memory and promoting cognitive function. The high antioxidant content in dates makes them helpful for preventing age-related brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Benefits of dates to the hair. Hair problems like brittle hair and hair loss can be prevented and even remedied by eating dates. Dates contain iron and vitamin B5 that are beneficial to the hair. While iron stimulates blood flow to the scalp, vitamin B5 reduces the occurrence of hair problems. For weight gain. This is kind of a paradox as dates have no cholesterol and a low fat content. Skinny people can gain some weight by consuming dates. And although dates are low in fat and contain no cholesterol, they are however, rich in proteins, sugar, and other nutrients which can help to increase body weight. For improving male virility. Dates can be used to improve virility in men; they are considered to be natural aphrodisiacs. An Indian study showed that eating dates can help to enhance sexual drive in men. Dates contain flavonoids that can stimulate the production of sperms in men as well as promote sperm motility. To get the best of dates for this purpose, crush a handful of dates previously soaked in goat’s milk and mix with honey and cardamom powder, then consume. Prevention and treatment of inflammation. Dates are rich in tannins, which are responsible for their anti-inflammatory property. Various reports have shown that eating dates can help to effectively reduce inflammation. In addition, dates also contain magnesium, which is essential for the immune system. Treatment of diarrhea. Diarrhea is the condition where stools become watery making bowel movement more frequent. Eating high fiber foods like dates adds bulk to the stool making it less watery. Ripe dates are best for this as their fiber content is higher in addition to potassium. Good for the bones. Dates are rich in bone strengthening minerals such as calcium, manganese, and copper. Bone diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis can be prevented and treated by consuming lots of dates. The presence of vitamins C and K in dates also contributes to its bone strengthening properties. Vitamin K promotes the absorption of calcium in the bones while vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen in the bones. Good for pregnant women. Pregnant women can benefit from consuming date fruits. Such women need lots of calories for their unborn babies and themselves. 

Benefits of dates

However, most of the foods rich in calories have low nutritional value. Dates, unlike most other high calorie foods, are highly nutritious and can provide pregnant women with the much needed calories and nutrients. In addition, dates are rich in iron and, therefore, help to prevent iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women. To regulate body cholesterol. Studies have shown that the consumption of dates can help to regulate the cholesterol levels in the body. Moreover, dates have no cholesterol and their rich potassium content help to maintain good cholesterol levels. Lowers blood pressure. Electrolyte imbalance can increase blood pressure in the body. Electrolyte imbalance is caused by a deficiency of a particular body mineral like potassium. Since dates are rich in potassium, the electrolyte level in the body is regulated meaning the blood pressure is also regulated. In combination with magnesium, potassium helps to regulate blood pressure. Remedy for constipation. Dates have laxative properties due to their high dietary fiber content, which is essential for proper digestion. People suffering from constipation can benefit greatly from dates. For this purpose, you will need to eat lots of date fruits or soak them overnight in water and eat early the next morning. Prevention of cancer. Abdominal cancers such as colorectal cancer and stomach cancer can be prevented by eating dates. A study has shown that the fiber in dates is helpful in preventing colorectal cancer while the flavonoids in date fruits are also beneficial against cancer. For prevention and treatment of night blindness. Dates contain vitamin A, which is good for the eyes. It has been found that daily intake of dates can help to prevent eye diseases such as night blindness. Studies have also found that geographical locations with more date palms have a lower rate of night blindness. An energy booster. Dates contain carbohydrates majorly in the form of sugars, which are great sources of energy. Adding dates to your diet will help to give the body an extra boost of energy. Treatment of allergies. Dates have anti-inflammatory properties and contain organic sulfur, which can reduce allergies such as seasonal allergic rhinitis. Thus, people suffering from this type of allergies can benefit from the consumption of dates. For treatment of hemorrhoids. Pregnant women are prone to hemorrhoids, which are inflammatory and arise majorly due to low fiber content in foods. Since dates have dietary fiber, pregnant women can benefit in this way by preventing hemorrhoids. Remedy for anemia. Iron deficiency anemia can be treated by eating foods rich in iron, of which dates are prominent on the list. Daily intake of dates is a healthy and simple way of improving the iron content in the blood, thereby, balancing the deficiency. Side effects of eating dates. While dates are highly nutritious and are beneficial to virtually everybody, there are some side effects of eating dates especially when consumed in excess. Risk of diarrhea. This is a bit ironic as one of the health benefits of eating dates is for treating diarrhea. However, this is the sad truth; eating too much dates can increases bowel movement which can become abnormal. Thus, it is advised that you only take just enough dates and not go overboard. Bad for fructose intolerant persons. This is somehow related to the first effect. Fructose intolerant persons have the tendency of feeling bloated when they eat foods that contain fructose. A major part of dates is carbohydrates, which are mostly fructose and glucose sugars.

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